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Cornelius Cardew

Bits and Pieces

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"... I thought that he had very strong intellectual gifts and that he was a reliable representative of tendencies that were very influential at that time, partly influenced by John Cage. Many people thought that very silly and non-creative, very disruptive, designed only to ridicule the principles on which classical music had been written. And some people thought that, you see, that it was a proper mistake to appoint somebody who had these views, which were revolutionary in music. Well, I thought that it was a breath of fresh air into a classical atmosphere."
Sir Thomas Armstrong (former principal of the Royal Academy of Music) from an interview by Rosemary Rapport, Dec 1992, in answer to a question on appointing Cornelius Cardew as a professor
A video of this interview is available from musicnow
Cornelius Cardew wrote articles for Musical Times from 1960
Cornelius Cardew wrote for and was written about in the Listener during 1972
The British Library hold scores and material from Cardews personal collection of musical material







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