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Jane Serter lives in Leeds where she teaches the piano. Although difficult to describe and categorise, her music displays an enjoyment of opposites and extremes. It combines, for instance, the extreme intellectual rigour of modernist serial techniques with obvious and universal - almost banal - chords. Other extremes include those of register - and - increasingly in her recent works - a more extreme flexibility of pitch by greater reliance on quartertones and other pitch bending techniques.



Biographical Notes

Jane Helen Serter was born in Stepney, London and grew up in Brixton. She began piano lessons at the age of eight and began composing at the same time. She gained a Junior Exhibition - for piano - to the Guildhall School of music at the age of thirteen.

On leaving school, she attended St Anne's College, Oxford Univerisity, where she read Modern History, gaining BA and MA degrees.

After many and various jobs in different fields she returned to music. Composition became a priority and the main focus of her life. She gained a Master's degree in composition at Manchester University in 1993 - having studied with Geoff Poole and John Casken.


Her chamber and orchestral music has been performed in Leeds, Manchester, London and Liverpool. She has been twice short-listed for the Cornelius Cardew composition prize and is on the short-list of the Society for the Promotion of New Music.

The sample of music is from "L'historiale" for horn and orchestra.


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