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David is now primarily interested in the integration of his many influences, from improvised music, through modernist instrumental writing and the musique concrete tradition into a musical solution that transcends his disparate sources. He is also keen to develop performance contexts for his music outside the traditional concert presentation. This has lead to various collaborations with artists of other disciplines which he hopes to pursue further in the future.
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Biographical Notes

David was born in 1972 and brought up near Bath, England. After some years playing bass in improvising and rock bands, he read Music and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Bangor, studying composition with Andrew Lewis. From September 1995, he has been studying composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham where he is working for a Ph.D, whilst living and working in London.

His works so far have been highly acclaimed, most of his output so far receiving International performances and sometimes broadcasts and his tape piece Dense being awarded first the 1995 Bangor University prize for composition and then a prestigious 'prix de residence' at the 1996 Bourges International Electro-Acoustic music competition.

The residence was taken up at Les Ateliers UPIC in Paris in March 1997 where he began work on his current project, a piece for 'musicians and machines' which is scheduled to be premiered in Banff, Canada in the summer of 1997.


His work Submarine for Piano and tape, was premiered in September 1996 by Kristine Scholz in Stockholm and was later broadcast on Swedish radio. This piece went on to jointly win the 1996 Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize and has subsequently been played a number of times in both Britain and Sweden.

Submarine has also been set to dance by Swiss dancer/ choreographer, Jurg Koch and was performed with his dance at the Place Theatre, London on the 5th May 1997. This partnership first saw the creation of David's most recent work, a setting of the Theilhard de Chardin text "A hymn to matter' in a piece of music written for a dance by Jurg Koch and Lucia Baumgartner which was first performed in St. Luke's Church, Holloway in January 1997.
Performance Work


Performance Work

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