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Evan Parker has developed his own unique style of improvisation on both soprano and tenor saxophone. He has performed solo as well as in various combinations of duos, trios and various larger groups. His own trio includes Barry Guy and Paul Lytton, and he has played with groups like the Globe Unity and London Jazz composers' Orchestra all of which has established him as one of the most original voices in contemporary music.

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Biographical Notes

Evan Parker was born 1944
He lives in London but has played in many countries around the world.





Evan Parker talking about improvisation and composition in a letter to Microphone March 1972 following a piece by Steve Reich


May I suggest a much more promising line of investigation ..... it is the musical process known as group improvisation. This offers an escape from a composer's inevitable intentions forced on the hierachically inferior performers (drones?) and leads to a unique sound event made by a group of equal individuals working in social equality in relation to the unique environment (acoustics, listeners, etc.) of the performance.


Francesco Martinelli has published a detailed discography (update soon) beginning in 1968 with a Spontaneous Music Ensemble recording to sessions recorded in 1994 and there is also more information on the improvisers site at Sheffield uni

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