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Robert Godman's current projects include a sound track for the documentary film 'Bird' with writer Adam Lively at HM Prison, Bedford and an exploration of evolving artificial and 'real' acoustics (with purpose written programming for an installation initiated by The Lighthouse, Brighton). He is working on a community project with The Philharmonia Orchestra in Bedford producing an audio documentary featuring stories of the musical lives of people from Goldington Day Centre, his own parents and relatives and the orchestral members themselves.
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Fly Wheel Fantasy


Biographical Notes

Robert Godman (b. 1964) studied at The Royal Northern College of Music with Anthony Gilbert and later with Simon Bainbridge in London.

Much of his music explores the relationship between sound and the other senses - can you 'see' a sound or 'hear' visually? Rob has developed a keen interest in the work of Mike Leigh and has composed four works that deal with issues of communication (or rather lack of communication!), hearing and listening.

He has received ACE commissions from The County Youth Second Orchestra of Bedfordshire and for a percussion and UPIC work for Evelyn Glennie.

A frequent collaborator, he has worked with Roger Heaton and the Siobhan Davies Dance Company, the CandoCo Dance Company (for which 'Fly Wheel Fantasy' is released on the Discus CD label), and Architect Jason Cornish.


Most recent performances include 'The Golden One' by The County Youth Second Orchestra of Bedfordshire at this years Edinburgh Festival, 'Abigail's Video Diary' by The New River Wind Orchestra at Canterbury (BASBWE) and 'Abigail - the Sequels!' (for Solo Piano) by Peter Lawson at the BBC Manchester Platform for Composers' at Manchester University. He has had works premiered at The St. Magnus Festival and The Bath International Festival. Other works have been performed by The BBC Singers and Gemini.

In 1989 he was awarded The Royal Philharmonic Society Prize for Composition. He worked under the PRS Scheme as Composer-in-Residence for Bedfordshire and published 'Looks Composed!' - a book and tape containing teaching approaches to mixed-media and collaborative methods of composing.



  • Selected Works and Performances
    Sound in Space
    A collaboration with Jason Cornish (Architect) creating an installation. S.P.N.M. & the University of Bath. The Cross Bath - Bath International Festival May 1992. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 Music Weekly, June 1992.
    Abigail's Party
    Scottish Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, Hoy Kirk, Orkney August 1992
    The Smith Quartet, Cecil Sharp House, Camden Town, (Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize) Nov. 1992
    The Blue Sky for A Cappella Choir
    The BBC Singers Simon Joly St. Pauls Church, Knightsbridge March 1993. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 Music in Our Time
    Gemini St. Magnus Festival, Orkney June 1993 and also Gemini I.C.A., London February 1994 eye from you (for 2 Snare Drums)
    Evelyn Glennie Homi Bhabha Auditorium, Bombay, India and further tour of India November 1993
    Tales from Two Cities
    Music for an installation by Jason Cornish at an exhibition of work by emerging architects. The Matthew Architecture Gallery Edinburgh January 1994 (plus exhibitions in Dublin and Berlin) eye assume you knew two.....
    for Multi- Percussion and Tape (Les Ateliers UPIC, Paris) ACGB funded
    Evelyn Glennie The Barbican, London April 1994
    Bedfordshire Schools Workshop (PRS Residency), May 1994
    Record extract Network: Volume One - 55 Music Miniatures Discus 3CD
    Abigail - the morning after
    S.P.N.M. Priaulx Rainier Dance Project A collaboration with Roger Heaton and the Siobhan Davies Dance Company Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Nov. 1994
    Fly Wheel Fantasy
    A collaboration with visual artist Sam Clarke, the CandoCo Dance Company and community members from Wycombe. Wycombe Swan Theatre, High Wycombe, February 1994
    Recording on This Music is Silent Until You Listen' Discus 6CD. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Mixing It' April
    Theatre of Widdershins
    Puppet show in collaboration with Andy Lawrence
    Street procession drumming music (Bedford SMMS)
    The Larger than Life Tango (BCA Commission)
    Sweet Unique Steel Band Bedford Community Arts, Bedford River Festival, May 1996
    The Golden One (for Full Orchestra, Pre-Recorded Tape & Live Electronics)
    The County Youth Second Orchestra of Bedfordshire, Stevenson Hall, RSAMD, Glasgow and Central Hall (Tollcross) Edinburgh. Edinburgh International Festival, August 1997
    Abigail's Video Diary (for Wind Orchestra)
    New River Wind Orchestra, Lloyd Moore, BASBWE, Canterbury University, 28th September 1997
    Abigail - the Sequels! (for Solo Piano)
    Peter Lawson, Manchester Platform for Composers', BBC North, Manchester University, 24th October 1997


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